retirement village in new zealand

Life as we know it; can be categorized into three stages which are; youth stage, adult stage and old stage of life. All of these three stages have their own struggles and ambitions. Life can be extremely monotonous if we do not add our ambitions and aspirations to it. Our youth is mostly comprised of school and college life; then our adult stage revolves around our professional life. Finally, our old stage of life is the stage where we want to rest and spend luxurious life with minimum worries and maximum relaxation. It is in the instinct of man that he feels relaxed in calm environment where there is not much of city life’s hustle and bustle especially in his old age. This is the reason that elderly people want to live in places which are far from city life; right in the centre of meadows and greener. Such places are not only eye pleasing but also prove to be good for health reasons. Special residencies have been made for elderly people; that are named as retirement villages. In this article, we will be discussing about the facilities that are offered in retirement villages.

Retirement villages:

Retirement villages based in new zealand are not like regular villages in literal sense rather these are such locations which are built far from city’s hustle and bustle. These places are residencies that are specifically made for the elderly people who have retired from their professions and have no other specific job to do. These people are not sick or dependent upon others and can take good care of them. Still, if they need any sort of medical aid then they can get it from the hospitals located near their residencies.

Facilities that are offered in retirement villages:

Almost every possible facility that a person can think of is provided by the retirement villages.  Obviously, these villages are the residential places which are particularly meant for elderly people who are living their life on pension but along with those residential buildings, there are commercial places as well. Human aid is provided for twenty fours hour a day along with the chauffeured vehicle services. Cafe, restaurant and other such eateries are built in the surroundings. One can find lot of entertainment places in retirement villages like cinema, billiard place, art studio, reading room and many more such places of people’s interest.


Retirement villages are the residential as well as commercial places which are specifically made for the elderly people who want to live in peaceful environment far away from the city life. These places are surrounded by lot of greenery. Twenty four hours human assistance is provided to the residents of such villages. Besides that, chauffeured vehicle service is another plus point. You won’t feel isolated in such villages because they have commercial zone within it as well like cinema halls, cafes and so on. “Genrerus living group” offers the best retirement villages for the elderly people in different areas of New Zealand.

Facilities That Are Offered In Retirement Villages